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This article explains how to install the ssh runner on Linux using Docker. The ssh runner is packaged as a minimal Docker image distributed on DockerHub.

Step 1: Download

Install Docker and pull the public image:

$ docker pull drone/drone-runner-ssh

Step 2: Configuration

The ssh runner is configured using environment variables. This article references the below configuration options. See Configuration for a complete list of configuration options.

    provides the hostname (and optional port) of your Drone server. The runner connects to the server at the host address to receive pipelines for execution.
    provides the protocol used to connect to your Drone server. The value must be either http or https.
    provides the shared secret used to authenticate with your Drone server. This must match the secret defined in your Drone server configuration.

Step 3: Installation

The below command creates the a container and start the ssh runner. Remember to replace the environment variables below with your Drone server details.

$ docker run -d \
-e DRONE_RPC_PROTO=https \
-e \
-e DRONE_RPC_SECRET=super-duper-secret \
-p 3000:3000 \
--restart always \
--name runner \

Step 4: Verification

Use the docker logs command to view the logs and verify the runner successfully established a connection with the Drone server.

$ docker logs runner
INFO[0000] starting the server
INFO[0000] successfully pinged the remote server 

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