Example CouchDB Configuration

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This guide covers configuring continuous integration pipelines for projects that have a CouchDB dependency. If you’re new to Drone please read our Tutorial and build configuration guides first.

Basic Example

In the below example we demonstrate a pipeline that launches a CouchDB service container. The server will be available at localhost:5984.

kind: pipeline
type: kubernetes
name: default

os: linux
arch: amd64

- name: test
image: couchdb:2.2
- sleep 15
- curl http://localhost:5984

- name: database
image: couchdb:2.2


Common Problems

If you are unable to connect to the CouchDB container please make sure you are giving the instance adequate time to initialize and begin accepting connections.

1  kind: pipeline
2 type: kubernetes
3 name: default
5 steps:
6 - name: test
7 image: coucdb:2.2
8 commands:
9 - sleep 15
10 - curl http://localhost:5984

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