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Please note MacStadium pipelines are disabled on Drone Cloud. This feature is only available when self-hosting

macstadium pipeline runs commands on MacStadium virtual machines. The vm is created when the pipeline starts and terminated upon completion. This is useful for workloads that need to run inside a dedicated osx vm.

Example pipeline configuration:

1  ---
2 kind: pipeline
3 type: macstadium
4 name: default
6 steps:
7 - name: greeting
8 commands:
9 - echo hello world
11 ...

The kind and type attributes define a macstadium pipeline.

1  ---
2 kind: pipeline
3 type: macstadium

The steps section defines a series of shell commands. These commands are executed on the remote macstadium virtual machine. If any command returns a non-zero exit code, the pipeline fails and exits.

9  steps:
10 - name: greeting
11 commands:
12 - echo hello world

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